What ISN’T cool about the government’s new workplace pensions auto-enrolment law?!

A question that sits on the tip of the tongue of so many. Not yours? Oh. Well you’re missing a trick, then. Let us explain. We’ll start from the beginning. What is a workplace pension? It’s basically a way of saving for retirement, organised by your employer. What happens is that a percentage of your[…]

How to approach the weird social ritual of signing an office birthday card

It’s often said that a gesture as small as a simple birthday card is enough to show your team you care and to motivate them to do big things. We get it.  But has anyone ever really thought about just how much of a minefield office birthday card signing really is? Just writing, ‘Regards, Steve.’  can carry[…]

Turns out sitting at your desk is worse than smoking

Thought this was click-bait, didn’t you? “Surely not from Perkbox” you reasoned, and clicked with conviction. Well, well done you, clever clogs. You were right, again. Not click bait, but a really quite scary truth. A recent study, published in The Lancet medical journal, has confirmed the 2014 warning from Dr. James Levine, inventor of[…]

Financial mindfulness… it’s a thing.

Mental health and mindfulness are super trendy topics of discussion right now.  It’s all about being engaged, focused on the present moment, free of distraction, open-minded and calmly aware of one’s feelings and thoughts. Despite common belief, mindfulness isn’t just for Tibetan monks and eccentric celebrities. In fact, it can help every Tom, Dick and[…]

Our Saurav Chopra in the Sunday Times!

“Keeping big companies’ staff happy brings its own rewards” Under the gun from investors to find a new business idea, Saurav Chopra and Chieu Cao discovered the need for employee happiness in the workplace and spotted a business opportunity. Perkbox launched with the intention of targeting small and medium-sized businesses with a pay-as-you-go model to motivate[…]

Making praise and recognition actually work

It’s no secret that both giving and receiving praise makes us feel good: we’re psychologically wired to function in a receive-give and give-receive kind of environment. When we feel a sense of pride and satisfaction in what we’ve achieved, our brain releases the hormone dopamine, immediately awakening the reward and pleasure areas of our brain.[…]

Keeping up with the financial wellbeing hype

What’s happening? New platforms are quickly invading the employee benefits and perks marketplace, changing the way employers are helping their team to manage financial wellbeing. But what’s all the fuss about? Physical and mental health have long been top of the agenda when it comes to employee wellbeing. For years, employers have invested big wonga[…]

What does your office cake say about you?

Bad news. And it’s not even Brexit-related. Two weeks ago, the Royal College of Surgeons denounced cakes at work. They encourage overeating, tooth decay and contribute to obesity. Who’d have guessed? “I’m not saying we need to ban such treats. But we do need a change in culture. When people are going out to the[…]

Brexit: how to handle the bombshell that has shaken workplaces across the UK

The Brexit bombshell has shaken up the 2.2 million strong EU workforce in the UK and has thrown employees into what is quickly becoming a new political reality. Consider this: 9/10 Europeans working in the UK are concerned about Brexit The main concern is job security: 49% fear for it 76% of EU workers wish to[…]