Working from home: A staying insider’s guide

Champion! Tomorrow, you get to work from home. You’re living the dream! But are you really? Earlier this month, London School of Economics released a report on the experiences of 500 home-workers. The findings revealed that actually, the whole experience for both employers and employees wasn’t overwhelmingly positive. Employees can feel isolated, miss opportunities and have[…]

7 things to listen to on your commute

For the many millions of us doing it twice a day – maybe even right now— commuting isn’t a choice. You don’t choose to slog hours up and down and diagonally across the country to get to work. The average commute in the UK is 55 minutes. 55 big fat minutes. Yes, this varies from[…]

iPhone 7: your new best friend in the workplace?

Pharrell Williams, James Corden and Tim Cook. What could possibly have brought these three to the centre of the world’s attention last week? The launch of the iPhone 7000 7, of course! Apple aficionados around the world smugly rejoiced, whilst technophobes cowered away. Whether you consider yourself in the former, the latter or somewhere in between, join[…]

Get compliant – everything you need to know about the new workplace pensions law

“Workplace pensions are here. Act now. It’s the law.”  – The Pensions Regulator, 07.01.2016. Okay, it’s not ‘I have a dream’’, nor is it ‘one small step for man…’ , but it’s a big message, and one you really can’t ignore. What’s going on? For a long time, the government has been trying to encourage[…]

What ISN’T cool about the government’s new workplace pensions auto-enrolment law?!

A question that sits on the tip of the tongue of so many. Not yours? Oh. Well you’re missing a trick, then. Let us explain. We’ll start from the beginning. What is a workplace pension? It’s basically a way of saving for retirement, organised by your employer. What happens is that a percentage of your[…]

How to approach the weird social ritual of signing an office birthday card

It’s often said that a gesture as small as a simple birthday card is enough to show your team you care and to motivate them to do big things. We get it.  But has anyone ever really thought about just how much of a minefield office birthday card signing really is? Just writing, ‘Regards, Steve.’  can carry[…]

Turns out sitting at your desk is worse than smoking

Thought this was click-bait, didn’t you? “Surely not from Perkbox” you reasoned, and clicked with conviction. Well, well done you, clever clogs. You were right, again. Not click bait, but a really quite scary truth. A recent study, published in The Lancet medical journal, has confirmed the 2014 warning from Dr. James Levine, inventor of[…]

Financial mindfulness… it’s a thing.

Mental health and mindfulness are super trendy topics of discussion right now.  It’s all about being engaged, focused on the present moment, free of distraction, open-minded and calmly aware of one’s feelings and thoughts. Despite common belief, mindfulness isn’t just for Tibetan monks and eccentric celebrities. In fact, it can help every Tom, Dick and[…]